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We are in the business of helping you
sell more to more customers by doing less!

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Who are we?

Our business is to help your business!

We specialise in helping existing businesses expand into new international markets with the help of the Internet.

By leveraging on our strong technological capabilities, along with our market leading logistics and support network, we take away all of the overheads and hassle and let you focus on doing what you know best.

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What do we do?

World Wide Web

Specialise in building and operating online businesses across a number of different industries.

Logistics Expert

Operate market-leading logistic networks to ensure the product gets to your customer.

Increase Sales

Help get you into new markets and new customers.

System Integration

Help web enable your existing technology infrastructure.

Business Model

Design your very own online business model.


You only store your money at your bank because you trust them. Why would you treat us any different?

The Missing Piece

Helping you to put the pieces together to make the business a success.

Made with Love

Everything we do, we do it with passion and utmost care. What more can you wish for?

Where do we play?

We operate business in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong

A city that never sleeps! It is where East meets West and urban collides with nature.

We also do business in Singapore.


A nation that counts shopping and eating as a national sport (if they were allowed!), and words like Shiok and Paiseh are used in everyday conversation.

Our business also covers Malaysia.


A bubbling, bustling melting pot of different races, cultures and religions - certainly gives a new meaning to the word diversity!

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Do you have an idea or product that you're keen to bring to reality? Get in touch with us and lets make it a reality together! Send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!